I used to travel. I spent full summers in five different countries and visited more than a dozen others.

I used to cook. Things like seared duck breast with tart cherries and ravioli from scratch.

I promised no matter how bogged down with daily life I got, I would keep adventure and culture in my children’s’ lives.

In 2008, I took my two oldest daughters – then 11 months and 3 years – to Paris by myself for one month. Before you make assumptions about me, the whole trip was shoe-stringed together. Using miles, a home exchange, public transportation, and lots of creativity, the entire trip cost less than $500. It seemed simple enough that I planned to travel overseas at least every other year.

Fast forward to 2011. One baby, one dog, one new job, and one relocation to an isolated part of the country later, I have failed my promise. My children and I have not been out of the country since Paris and am doubtful it will happen again in the next few years. This summer, as I ate yet another quick-fix, kid-friendly meal in our repertoire of go-to’s, I decided I needed a new way to expand our horizons. Thus, I devised the project.

It was intended to be simply for our family. But everyone I told asked me details, recipes, if they could tag along. My motto has always been the more the merrier. So, please join our family as we travel the world from our kitchen!