For one month, I cooked a simple, family-friendly dinner from a different country each week night. The following morning this site featured photos of the dishes, the recipes used, and any insights from the experience. Also posted were a country map, an image of the flag, and three fun facts about the country to frame the meal. The goals were to promote global awareness in children and to make cooking and eating more fun for families. I created passposts and world maps for my children, and those following the journey, to track their global experiences. With no marketing or promotion of any sort, I had more than 200 followers at the end of the month.

Then the challenge was extended. A follower asked me to cook a meal from every country. While my life is such it would be impossible to continue this daily, I now "visit" a new country every few weeks

Whether to find some new recipes, or simply learn more about the world, please join us on the journey!