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Once upon a time, I lived in NYC and sent my young daughters to an international school. They eagerly ate foods from China, Lebanon, and Peru. As I am an avid cook, an educator, and a traveler, this made me proud.


Then we moved across the country to a new community with less international exposure. I watched my children's palettes narrow. Initially I resorted to the standard ways parents coerce kids to try new foods. But I did not want culinary experimenting became a battle -- I wanted my daughters to enjoy exploring new foods as much as my husband and I did. Thus I created a journey for them, which we named One-World Whisk (OWW).


Each weeknight for a month I cooked a meal from a new country. To make the effort sustainable, all dishes had to be quick to make and not too daunting for my kids to eat. The girls tracked our journey with OWW passports and marked a large world map with the countries we "visited". Our family finished the journey with an array of new go-to meals. Our month-long trek is over, but I continue to provide recipes for family-friendly meals from around the globe.

Whether to partake the journey with passports and maps, or to occasionally pop on the site for inspiration, I invite you to join us on our culinary adventure for busy families.

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